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Boxes & Wiring

Monday Mar 11th, 2019

As we celebrate women, we would be remiss if we ignored differences between men and women--chief among them, communication styles. In general, men and women receive, process, and share information in two very different ways.

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My Women

Monday Mar 4th, 2019

This month we celebrate Women’s History Month, and on Friday, March 8th, it is International Women’s Day. I have had five generations of women in my life - the experiences of each defined by their time in history, our culture, and their unique spirit.

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Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Monday Feb 25th, 2019

When starting a business, you create processes, office atmosphere, and client communication methods so that things flow easily and efficiently on a regular basis.

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Ask for Business!

Monday Feb 18th, 2019

Our clients often tell us that one of the biggest challenges that they face is asking for business. Well that makes sense! “Asking” can feel terrible for a host of reasons.

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How Well Do You Know Your Clients?

Tuesday Feb 12th, 2019

Any of us can pull up a list of our clients and recite some of their biographical facts. Details usually include such things as age, gender, marital status, where they live, occupation, and whether or not they have children.

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Core Team

Monday Feb 4th, 2019

Over the years, it has become more and more evident that offices with great teams are more successful. This success isn’t simply measured in terms of profitability...

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Repeatable Processes. Repeatable Processes. Repeatable Processes.

Monday Jan 28th, 2019

Think about companies that you like to engage with and that have made you a repeat customer. Your favorite store, online business, hotel chain...

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Someday, I'm Going to...

Tuesday Jan 22nd, 2019

“Someday, I’m going to…” I hear it all of the time and the person may be talking about one of a multitude of things...

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Schedule Success

Monday Jan 14th, 2019

I decided to purchase and use a physical planner for this year. I certainly know that I can keep everything in my phone, but I wanted to be able to blend business activities and personal activities easily and creatively in the same place.

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Define Success

Tuesday Jan 8th, 2019

It’s that time of year when everyone feels like they have a clean slate! Our focus is on preparing for a wonderful year, whatever that may mean for each of us.

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