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Get a Coach!

Monday Feb 3rd, 2020

No matter what age or stage we are in, we all have areas in our lives where we can do better. Professionally, or personally, there is so much to know and learn!

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Block the Time ⏰

Monday Jan 27th, 2020

In our work with clients I am constantly explaining the benefits of creating an ideal week and blocking time on the calendar to get things done.

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No Excuses

Monday Jan 20th, 2020

I have a membership to a wonderful gym that has amazing water classes. The facility is about 20-25 minutes from my house and, by my hometown standards, that is a hike! When I’m in the classes I feel energized, and afterwards I feel accomplished.

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Embrace Change

Monday Jan 13th, 2020

Change. We know that it is inevitable, but why is it that we fight it if given the chance? Because it's uncomfortable! Even if what you're working towards is a more positive outcome, the results are still unknown, and human beings, generally, do not like the unknown.

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2020 Vision

Monday Jan 6th, 2020

2020: PERFECT VISION! I love using this as a theme for this year. In order to accomplish all of the goals that you set, be sure to also provide yourself with all of the resources and tools available to do so, such as...

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Celebrate Everything

Monday Dec 30th, 2019

New Year’s Eve is almost here! Whether you celebrate in a big way, or at home all cuddled in, take some time to celebrate 2019. 

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Before You Leave...

Monday Dec 16th, 2019

As you get ready to leave your office and not return until after the first of the year, take some time to make it ready for you to start 2020 seamlessly.

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Monday Dec 9th, 2019

When coaching Branch Teams, I often advise them to adopt the daily habit of sharing what each member of the team thought went well in a day and how they could do better.

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2020 Vision

Monday Dec 2nd, 2019

As the end of 2019 approaches, you may be making a list of things that you still have to do before the end of December, such as: closing out the fiscal year, renewing contracts for clients in 2020, Holiday preparations, work parties, etc. etc. etc...

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Thompson Family Traditions: the lesser known National Lampoon story

Monday Nov 25th, 2019

When I moved from my hometown of Pittsburgh, the plan was to always return home for Thanksgiving. The holiday tradition included packing up the car for a long weekend of cooking, eating, playing games, having fun with family and friends, and rising early for Black Friday shopping.

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