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Treat Yourself

Monday Oct 28th, 2019

We spend so much time thinking of ways in which we can show those whom we care about how much they matter to us. It's truly a joy to find that perfect holiday gift, send a meaningful message for birthdays, acknowledge special moments, or simply let someone know that you're thinking about them.

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Monday Oct 21st, 2019

Is there something that you really want to accomplish, but the thought of getting there is overwhelming? You know that it’s the right or best thing to do, but the process of it all makes it seem insurmountable? Well, as the old saying goes, there’s only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time.

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So, You Had a Bad Day?

Monday Oct 14th, 2019

We all have good days and challenging ones - the good days can boost our confidence, while the tougher days can really put a dent in our armor. 

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Ask for Help!

Monday Oct 7th, 2019

In this world where there are so many things that you must and should and could do, how do we get it all done? The hard truth is this: we don’t. We cannot do it all...or at least, we cannot do it all well.

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What Are Your Internal Voices Telling You?

Monday Sep 30th, 2019

Here we are at the beginning of the 4th Quarter of 2019! Are you thinking, “Nice! I have three more months to make it a great year!” or are you already telling yourself, “UGH! Better luck next year..."?

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It's Fall, Y'all!

Monday Sep 23rd, 2019

Well it’s here: the official start of Autumn! This time of year brings colorful leaves, pumpkins, cider, crisp air, and football (just to name a few).

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The Pitfalls of Comparison

Monday Sep 16th, 2019

Though we know we shouldn't, we often compare ourselves to others. The opportunities for comparison are endless: houses, careers, physical appearance, income, hobbies, networks, relationships, etc. etc. etc...

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Are You Using the BIG THREE?

Monday Sep 9th, 2019

When working with clients, we spend time discussing their digital presence and the strategies behind enhancing it to make it work best for their businesses. In a nutshell, we take a three-pronged approach to help convey value and engage with current and prospective clients by focusing on: your website, your LinkedIn profile, and your Facebook page.

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It's Time to Check In

Tuesday Sep 3rd, 2019

Labor Day is a subtle cue that it’s time to get back to our routines. Life--both in and out of the office--often relaxes during the summer season, and now it’s time to "get back to business.”

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Seashells, Pictures, & Walks

Monday Aug 26th, 2019

We’ve hit the end of August! For many of us, there have been vacations, flexible summer schedules, and all of the fun that this great season brings.

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