Rethink Your Week

Monday Mar 7th, 2016

Here at Niche, we are getting ready to travel this week to speak about Personal Branding in Boston and Philadelphia. In my portfolio, I have the dates, times, presentation materials, and travel details. Those are the black and white facts.


One More Day!

Monday Feb 29th, 2016

These are great words when we think of vacation, having more time to complete a project, or even a long weekend.



Monday Feb 22nd, 2016

For the past few weeks I have noticed a general feeling of BLAH with people. Although this winter has not broken records for frigid temperatures and snowfall, it’s still winter, and we're now in the heart of it.


Routine Success Starts with a Routine

Monday Jan 18th, 2016

When analyzing top performers, there is a common practice that each of these people have: ROUTINE!


Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

Sunday Jan 10th, 2016

We have all heard the saying: “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.”


Wrapping up 2015 and Opening up 2016

Thursday Dec 31st, 2015

As we prepare to close out the old year and ring in the new, look back at what you have accomplished in 2015.


Interval Training

Tuesday Dec 15th, 2015

On a very bumpy flight last month, I reached for anything that I could read to distract my attention from the turbulence and found an article which addressed the issue of “having it all.”


Shop Yourself!

Monday Dec 7th, 2015

Tis the Season for Holiday Shopping Think about the reasons why you buy from some of your favorite businesses - is it because of the quality products and services that are offered, the atmosphere, the prices, or the helpful sales staff?


Pause and Give Thanks

Monday Nov 23rd, 2015

It is Thanksgiving Week! There will be grocery shopping, cooking, baking, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Holiday shopping for many of us.


Believe That It's Real!

Monday Nov 16th, 2015

Referrals. We all LOVE them. Individuals and businesses come to US rather than us having to continually market ourselves to THEM. More importantly, referrals are the product of another person's positive opinion of us and an affirmation that we are doing high-quality work.

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