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Respond vs. React

Monday Jun 12th, 2017

The words react and respond are often used interchangeably, but the difference between the two actions are notable.

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Details Details

Monday Jun 5th, 2017

Details are a funny thing. Sometimes we get stuck in them, which keeps us from making progress, lose sight of the big picture and get off track, and, ultimately, delays the accomplishment of our goals.

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Rest vs. Rust

Tuesday May 30th, 2017

I was watching the Cleveland Cavaliers during a playoff game, and an announcer said that LeBron James has had more time off between playoff series than any other player in playoff history.

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Look Back for Lessons

Monday May 22nd, 2017

It’s wonderful to look back fondly at pleasant memories, recalling the pleasures of childhood, education, celebrations, achievements, friendships, and travel. However, memories can all too often take us back to times of struggle, failures, and untold challenges.

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Marking Milestones

Monday May 15th, 2017

We pass so many milestones in our lives and there are cards that help us commemorate many special occasions, such as graduations, first jobs, first houses, and new babies. However, smaller milestones tend to pass uncelebrated.

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Celebrating Women

Monday May 8th, 2017

This Sunday is Mother’s Day - a day to treat, pamper, and celebrate the mothers in our lives. However, there are so many tremendous women who do not fit the standard category of mothers, so, I looked up the definition of the word “mother,” and one of its meanings is “to nurture.”

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Changing Gears

Monday May 1st, 2017

I completed a big weekend project recently that involved an enormous amount of organizing. Looking back on the hours spent and work done, I can’t believe that I wasn’t exhausted by the time it was over…but I wasn’t. But, by the Friday of the next week, I was dragging. The week was successful and productive, but I was whooped.

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What's Your "Power Pitch?"

Monday Apr 24th, 2017

We have all heard the terms “30 Second Commercial” or “Elevator Speech,” but, let’s face it: no one should give an impromptu 30-second talk about themselves or deliver speeches in elevators! So, how do you introduce yourself and explain what you do in a tactful manner? You create a “Power Pitch!”

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Delete "Just"

Monday Apr 17th, 2017

In speaking with one of our clients recently, I heard her continue to use the word “just": "I 'just' want to do a good job." "It’s 'just' a networking meeting." "I’m 'just' going to try this."

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Spring Cleaning

Monday Apr 10th, 2017

Well it’s time! Spring is here, and some of us take this opportunity to clean out our spaces and get rid of things that we no longer need.

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