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You're Better Than That!

Monday Nov 27th, 2017

When life presents us with so many different options and distractions, it’s easy to get off course. Our day swiftly goes from the promise of having a list of things that we want and need to accomplish, to a recitation of “tomorrow is another day."

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Monday Nov 20th, 2017

It’s Thanksgiving Week! For many of us, that includes: meal prep, travel, and spending time with family and friends.

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Time Out

Monday Nov 13th, 2017

Life at work and in the office can be so busy. We often have great ideas, but we don’t always have the time to act on a plan to make them happen.

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Christmas Prep

Monday Nov 6th, 2017

HOLIDAYS. This word brings as much stress as it does excitement. The overwhelming time from Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Day can become a blur that many of us vow to “do it differently” the next year.

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Balancing Routine

Monday Oct 23rd, 2017

Monday: time to look at the scheduled activities for your week. Is your calendar filled with responsibilities relating to work and family? Is there any time for you to do things that you want to do, not just things that you have to do?

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There is NO Comparison

Monday Oct 16th, 2017

As we go through life, we constantly encounter sources for comparison. We often gauge our self-worth on how we measure up to others.

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Do Not Try

Tuesday Oct 10th, 2017

Yoda said to Luke Skywalker, “Do or do not. There is no try.” I think about this quote a lot when working with my clients. I see potential accomplishments in all of them, but the fastest growth, productivity, and achievement comes for the people who “just do it.”

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"Pop a Cork" Goals

Monday Oct 2nd, 2017

As we enter the first week of October and the start of the final quarter of the year, it is a GREAT time to identify the things that you would like to accomplish by the end of 2017.

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No Filter

Monday Sep 25th, 2017

In nearly every weekly meeting with my clients, the issue of hesitation comes up. EVERY WEEK!

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Act Now

Monday Sep 18th, 2017

We all have our strengths, and we all have certain flaws that consistently get in our way.

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