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What Are You Waiting For?

Monday Mar 26th, 2018

Listen closely to the people around you and listen to how often you hear these words: Someday, I’m going to (fill in the blank). The intention in that phrase can range anywhere from short term goals, to unfulfilled wishes and ambitions.

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It's Just What You Do

Monday Mar 19th, 2018

In our work with clients, I am constantly amazed at how people take themselves, and their work, for granted. When I compliment their work, I hear the phrase, “Well, it’s just what I do.”

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The Winning Team

Tuesday Mar 13th, 2018

The dictionary defines the word team as such: a group of people who come together to achieve a common goal. Consider this definition as you look at your team.

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Play to Your Strengths

Monday Mar 5th, 2018

There’s no one in the world exactly like you. (Does this sound like something that your mother would say?)

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The Eye of the Hurricane

Monday Feb 26th, 2018

I recently had a client mention to me that she felt like she was in the eye of a hurricane, that everything around her was going too fast and she didn’t have control.

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Tuesday Feb 20th, 2018

Business growth seems easy for some. How do some businesses thrive seemingly effortlessly while you feel as though you struggle a bit more that necessary?

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Time, Use it Wisely

Monday Feb 12th, 2018

How do people reach great levels of success, consistently meet and exceed their goals, make their brands come to the top of their clients' minds on a regular basis?

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What's Your "Why"?

Monday Feb 5th, 2018

When we begin a project, we have a reason as to why we are doing it. When we begin our careers and professional positions, we also usually have a motivating reason as to why we are making these choices.

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The Golden Rule

Monday Jan 29th, 2018

We have the pleasure of working with someone who has been recognized by her company for being in the top 1% in the firm for “client excellence.” This person does not have decades of experience, nor does she employee a huge staff to help her - she did it all with an army of two! Yet, she ranks #13 in a pool of over 10,000 colleagues.

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Are You the Best Kept Secret?

Monday Jan 22nd, 2018

Recently, we have been helping people with their Business Plans and goal development, as a part of this, we have been integrating the creation of Rolling Marketing Calendars.

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