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Monday Dec 9th, 2019

When coaching Branch Teams, I often advise them to adopt the daily habit of sharing what each member of the team thought went well in a day and how they could do better.

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2020 Vision

Monday Dec 2nd, 2019

As the end of 2019 approaches, you may be making a list of things that you still have to do before the end of December, such as: closing out the fiscal year, renewing contracts for clients in 2020, Holiday preparations, work parties, etc. etc. etc...

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Thompson Family Traditions: the lesser known National Lampoon story

Monday Nov 25th, 2019

When I moved from my hometown of Pittsburgh, the plan was to always return home for Thanksgiving. The holiday tradition included packing up the car for a long weekend of cooking, eating, playing games, having fun with family and friends, and rising early for Black Friday shopping.

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Who Are You Thankful For?

Monday Nov 18th, 2019

There are people in our lives who make it better, plain and simple. They may be from your past, or a part of your daily life, but without them life just wouldn’t be the same.

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The Importance of Gratitude

Monday Nov 11th, 2019

How many of you recognize some of these recurring thoughts?

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One Person CAN Make a Difference

Monday Nov 4th, 2019

When you look at some of the issues facing our communities, it’s hard to imagine where you can start to make things better. Hunger, homelessness, loneliness, education, health, and economic issues can often seem overwhelming, but there are always uplifting stories about people working to solve those community problems.

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Treat Yourself

Monday Oct 28th, 2019

We spend so much time thinking of ways in which we can show those whom we care about how much they matter to us. It's truly a joy to find that perfect holiday gift, send a meaningful message for birthdays, acknowledge special moments, or simply let someone know that you're thinking about them.

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Monday Oct 21st, 2019

Is there something that you really want to accomplish, but the thought of getting there is overwhelming? You know that it’s the right or best thing to do, but the process of it all makes it seem insurmountable? Well, as the old saying goes, there’s only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time.

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So, You Had a Bad Day?

Monday Oct 14th, 2019

We all have good days and challenging ones - the good days can boost our confidence, while the tougher days can really put a dent in our armor. 

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Ask for Help!

Monday Oct 7th, 2019

In this world where there are so many things that you must and should and could do, how do we get it all done? The hard truth is this: we don’t. We cannot do it all...or at least, we cannot do it all well.

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