Who Are You Thankful For?

Monday Nov 18th, 2019

There are people in our lives who make it better, plain and simple.

They may be from your past, or a part of your daily life, but without them life just wouldn’t be the same.

All too often, we take these people who make such a difference for granted. Even though they put the color inside of our worlds, we oftentimes don’t stop to say "thank you," or to tell them how special they are to us.

Pause and consider who you are thankful for by taking a minute and mentally going through your daily routine or, if you'd rather take a broader perspective, your journey to who you are today. I bet there were many people along the way who elevated you to new heights or guided you through difficult times.

Ask yourself: who in your daily life makes you feel special and have you ever told them how much they mean to you?

Give the gift this season--and every season--of telling people around you how they make you feel and what they have done to make your life better.

Have a great week, and know that I am grateful for all of you!

Niche Team, LLC