What is Feminism?

Wednesday Mar 11th, 2020

We just celebrated International Women's Day and this year's theme was "Each for Equal," which got us thinking about feminism, in general.

The dictionary defines feminism as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality of the sexes.”

The word feminism often has a negative connotation, mistakenly spun as anti-male or elevating women as the superior sex. Feminism, though, is purely the ideology that promotes equality.

When talking about feminism, it’s common to look back and review the groundbreaking firsts that women have achieved. Instead, let’s consider some current facts about women as a whole in the United States:

  • Women, whether in a relationship or single, make over 85% of the decisions in a home
  • Women are usually the primary caregivers for children and aging parents
  • Women hold more advanced degrees than men
  • Women still make less money than men in the same job
  • Women still experience a gender bias in the workplace
  • More women start small businesses than men

There are studies citing overwhelming support for the inclusion of qualified women in all areas of science, technology, education, business, and healthcare.

It seems as though it would benefit all of society if everyone could take on the advocacy of women.

It’s not about NOT men; it’s about inclusion and equality.

This week, no matter what gender you are, be a feminist. It benefits us all.

Niche Team, LLC