To: You | From: You

Monday Nov 30th, 2020

It’s the season of giving.

Whether your preparation is for a virtual or in-person celebration, the next month is sure to be a busy one.

When making your list and checking it twice, remember that this has been an extraordinary year of adapting. All of the energy that has gone into our new normal can make even the strongest souls a bit weary. You may find that some of the holiday prep that is usually effortless is now is making you a bit more tired.

You’re not weak, you’re human.

Consider starting a new tradition this year: put yourself on your holiday list.

I’m serious!

Treat yourself like you do others that you care about, and for, and try something like:

  • Buying something that you have always wanted
  • Allowing yourself time to take a day just for you – make it official and put it on the calendar
  • Simplifying the holiday season by evaluating what really needs your energy and what can wait for another year

This week, add one more person to your holiday list: you!

(I bet you know exactly what they want!!)

Niche Team, LLC