Spring Clean Your Psyche

Monday Apr 6th, 2020

Imagine this scenario: you have the opportunity to spend time this week doing anything that you would like to do. Anything.

Let that sink in.

Read a book. Exercise. Go out to dinner with friends. See a concert. Go to a sporting event. Take a drive. Get a massage. Buy that new thing you’ve had your eye on. Delegate a regular responsibility. Clean your house (“with wine,” as one of my clients wisely recommends). Have someone else clean your house. Watch a movie. Plan a trip.

On a scale from great to guilty, how does any of this make you feel?

Why is it that reserving time for our own relaxation and enjoyment results in feeling guilty? Who in our lives has judged us so harshly that we now have to justify some of life’s simple pleasures?

Most likely, no one. Most likely, we did it to ourselves.

We want to be the best parent, spouse, friend, professional, home owner, creative, volunteer, and all the other roles that we play.

What is the result of this judgment and pressure? Burn out.

I could give you numerous examples, but my bet is that there is not one person reading this message who doesn’t know exactly what I’m talking about.

What is the solution? Drop the guilt, like a hot rock.

Change your internal conversation to this: “I will be a better _______________ if I take some time to refresh and reenergize myself.” See? Now it’s about you AND the others in your life.

This week, get out your calendar, block things that make you feel wonderful on a regular basis, and watch the positive impact on your life.

Niche Team, LLC