Social Distancing NOT Isolation

Monday Apr 27th, 2020

We had some clients initially voice concern that the guidelines regarding social distancing would negatively impact their business, as well as their personal relationships.

At first glance, this might be so.

No more face to face meetings with clients and prospects. Seminars and conferences have been postponed.

What should we do? Wait until the pandemic is over and for life to go back to normal NO!

This is the time to be creative and use the current climate to deepen those relationships!

Here are some tips for us all to consider!

  • Schedule Webex meetings because clients love to hear your voice and see your face
  • Hold Virtual seminars regularly (we've heard from our clients that these are incredibly successful right now!)
  • Host Virtual Coffee Clubs or Dessert Clubs and allow time for Q&A
  • Make client calls to simply check in and say "hi!" Ask how they are doing.
  • Send cards, real paper notes to people to say that you are thinking of them
  • Keep regularly scheduled networking meetings by using platforms like ZOOM
  • Schedule fun time with friends and have virtual parties on ZOOM, Facebook Messenger, or another fun app of your choice.

All of these examples and more give you the opportunity to let people know that you care. Your work life and your personal life are all about relationships.

This week, reach out to others and be a positive, “virtual," force.

Niche Team, LLC