Set Your Intentions

Monday Feb 24th, 2020

I have been interviewing people lately about their definition of the word “success.”

In the course of our conversations, I was taken aback by how many of these individuals start their day by reciting or writing down their intentions.

Now, I have certainly heard of starting a day with meditation, but almost every single one of these professionals stated that spending time actively reviewing their intentions made them feel grounded and focused.

The ways in which they phrased their intentions were all different.

Some people draft their intentions in their own words to specifically fit their circumstances while others use quotes that resonate with their identities and purposes.

With all of this in mind, take some time to consider your personal intentions.

If you have some trouble drafting one, browse through quotes from your role models or other people whom you admire. Find something that you could start each day with that would make you feel centered, supported, and authentic.

This week, empower yourself with your own intention.

Niche Team, LLC