Selectively Unplugged

Monday Jun 8th, 2020

Our focus for Niche Notes in June is “Your Best Life.”

This week, let us consider how “connected” we are - all of the time.

Many of us have been working virtually, bringing our professional connectivity into our homes , which means meetings, phone calls, files, and notes now become a part of our domestic lives.

Finding the work/life balance is more challenging now than ever!

Social distancing has many of us seeking virtual ways to connect with friends, taking online classes, and staying up to the moment on news, and more. While access to all of this is wonderful, it can also leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and constantly available.

What can we do to reduce the “noise” that all of this can bring?

Turn it off.

Disconnecting doesn’t mean that you don’t care.

Compartmentalize your access to emails, news, and social media. Try giving yourself a set amount of time for each. Be sure that you are taking care of the responsibilities that relate to technology, of course, and, then, be done.

Make it selectively unplugged, great week.


Niche Team, LLC