Rise Up

Monday Apr 13th, 2020

We’re all in this together.

We’ve heard that phrase a lot in the past few weeks.

When frustration and anxiety peaks, it helps to know that we truly are in this together. You have not been put in “time out.” All of us are sharing in a collective uncertainty and the prospect of an unknown, new normal.

In the midst of this unprecedented time, I love seeing the things that people are doing to brighten our far more simplified life.

Neighborhoods are doing virtual bear and egg hunts, placing stuffed animals and pictures in windows for children to see as they take walks - our windows are full of brightly colored paper eggs. People are singing and cheering for healthcare staff as they change shifts. Companies have made videos free to view for education and entertainment. Hallmark has made special cards--and the company is sending them for free--for people to send to others and “connect.” Musicians are serenading us from their homes. Commercials that formerly pushed products are now communicating messages of connectivity, community, and hope.

So, what are you doing?

What can you do in your home, neighborhood, business, and community to help us to collectively rise up? Your efforts don’t have to be complicated. It seems as though the simplest things are helping to lift our spirits the most.

This is an opportunity to be a light.

So, go color your driveway, pick flowers, make a call, video chat, send a message, sew, do yard work for others, sing a song. Your simple act can make a big difference.

This week--and every week--be the helper and rise up. 

Niche Team, LLC