Responsibility Fatigue

Monday Jun 15th, 2020

On a client call last week, one of our advisors said that she simply lacked energy. The normal things that she had done to re-energize or “fill up her cup” were not an option because of shutdowns and quarantine. When pressed to explain, her reply was, “I have responsibility fatigue.”

Are you experiencing these same feelings?

Our group continued the conversation by finding other ways to feel energized and fulfilled until her usual options become available.

We focused on some potentially overlooked or underappreciated sources of fun.

Some of our ideas included:

  • Getting out the books that you bought and have not read
  • Get outside, walk, bike, run, have a picnic
  • Do virtual tours of places that you want to visit
  • Cook things that you didn’t have time for in the past
  • Zoom call with friends, theme the calls

    What are the keys to making this work? Two things: make them a priority and block the time to do it.

    It sounds crazy to say that we need to make time for fun, but right now there are very blurred lines between work responsibilities and home life.

    This week, let’s seek fun and reduce our responsibility fatigue.

Niche Team, LLC