Monday Dec 9th, 2019

When coaching Branch Teams, I often advise them to adopt the daily habit of sharing what each member of the team thought went well in a day and how they could do better.

The result of this simple exercise elicits a variety of useful topics: excellent communication, increased productivity, problem solving, accelerated growth, teamwork, and pride.

Use this simple exercise and apply it to your year. What went well? What could you improve next year?

When making the list of what went well, be sure to include everything that went well, not just the big victories. It all matters.

When identifying the list of items that you could improve upon next year, don’t get stuck in feelings of regret. Acknowledge those feelings and move forward, being sure to write down how to resolve those issues in 2020 - and, then, check back with the list to mark your progress.

Reflection is a great way to improve ours lives. It’s a fluid process that gives us credit and helps us develop on our journeys.

This week, make reflection a part of your forward motion.

Niche Team, LLC