Plan for Peace

Tuesday Dec 8th, 2020

Ah, the holidays!

Normally, this time of year can be a bit busy. Add a little end-of-the-year activities for your business, and things can become downright hectic.

This year, finding a little space for calm and preparation may be even more difficult as families are living, learning, and working in shared spaces.

For many of us, shopping is made more challenging as in-person shopping is less and less feasible.

So, how are we supposed to maintain have a happy holiday and enjoy (truly enjoy) the most wonderful time of year?

The answer is simple: with a detailed plan. I’m talking about planning beyond your normal “to-do” lists.

Does that sound too intense for a season that is supposed to be joyful? I thought so, too, until I realized that by planning my activities--including downtime, dinners, projects, etc.--I had even more time and was even more present as I made my way through each day.

You may already know on which days you plan to wrap presents, bake cookies, and complete other holiday prep tasks. Add those items to your plan, but, then, take it a step further:

What night can be a holiday movie night with the whole family?
Write it down.
What about a time to finish that outdoor project before it gets too cold?
Put it on your calendar.

Your plan can be a productivity tool that can help you use your time more efficiently so that you can have more time for relaxation and fun.

My daughter, Kait, uses this method to plan out her extremely busy December: my grandson, Teddy, turns one year old on the 10th of this month, and her husband Eli turns 40 on the 15th. Add Christmas (and Santa) and my head is spinning...Kait literally has an Excel spreadsheet to keep it all straight (and keep her sane and happy).

This concept is a possible gamechanger for those of you who struggle to pull it all off and still enjoy yourself.

Peace can be a product of detailed planning.

Give it a try!

This week, print out a calendar, make a plan and find your peace, so that you can enjoy and rest!

Niche Team, LLC