No Excuses

Monday Jan 20th, 2020

I have a membership to a wonderful gym that has amazing water classes. The facility is about 20-25 minutes from my house and, by my hometown standards, that is a hike!

When I’m in the classes I feel energized, and afterwards I feel accomplished.

Recently, it was cold, dark, and after a long day I was struggling find my motivation. I threw my bag in the car, made a quick stop to drop off a birthday gift, ran into a store to buy new yoga pants (the store was right by the gym), and, then, had the intention of heading to the pool.

Well, I got behind a customer with an issue at the store, got to the gym parking lot 10 minutes late, looked for a parking spot, but there weren't any left…so, I drove to Chipotle, got a healthy dinner to go and came home.


I made 2 stops that I knew might delay me getting to class on time. It’s winter in Erie, Pennsylvania, so it’s going to be cold and dark, and I go to the gym at one of the busiest times of the day, so, inevitably, parking is going to be a challenge.

I should have been more mentally prepared, but, instead, I made excuses:

I had to drop off a gift.
I was right by the mall and could run right in and get yoga pants.
There were no parking places.

Instead of being hard on myself, I used it as a lesson - don't make excuses!

My gym bag is always ready to go because 2020 is my year to be an exercise champion.

What is the thing that you are attempting to do, but the world continues to provide you with excuses which prevent you from doing it?

Don’t take the bait - power through!

This week, embrace your goals, big or small, and make yourself proud - no excuses!

Niche Team, LLC