New Traditions

Monday Dec 14th, 2020

One of the many challenges of 2020 has been the need to alter old traditions and create new traditions.

People have tapped into their creativity to “celebrate” over the past year with drive-by birthday parties, showers, and graduation parties; and staycations have never been so popular.

But, now we’ve entered the month of December, which brings with it the anticipation and expectation of some of our most beloved traditions.

The inability to “celebrate” as we have in the past can make the most stalwart of us feel sad...but I have a feeling that some of the things that we are all doing in our modified versions of the holidays may be so much fun, that we won’t want to stop doing them in the future.

Can you say Virtual Ugly Sweater Happy Hour?

We are so creative and resilient. There are so many possibilities. Don’t look back, look around. This experience can be truly transformative. Dare I say, refreshing.

There was a line in a movie that I watched last year. I loved it so much that I kept rewinding so that I could really hear exactly what was said. The line was this, “Traditions are the stories that families write together.”

I love that line.

I bet that some of our best stories can be written in these very different times.

This week, cherish your loved ones and write some stories together.

Niche Team, LLC