Tuesday Feb 20th, 2018

Business growth seems easy for some.
How do some businesses thrive seemingly effortlessly while you feel as though you struggle a bit more that necessary?

When working with our clients, I often remind them of this:
Everyday someone wakes up needing exactly what you do.
(So be sure that people know what that is!)

Sounds simple, right?
Not really.

The perception of asking for a referral is so uncomfortable that opportunities to communicate to current and prospective clients pass. You kick yourself for, once again, not opening the door to communicate what you do and how you would be able to help.

The negative self-messaging starts:

  • I need to grow my business.
  • How am I going to get momentum?
  • This is never going to work.
  • (fill in more here...) 

Instead of the negative self talk, simply try talking to your clients, referral sources, and prospective clients and make this ask: “If you know of anyone who needs ____, please mention my name. I would love to have a conversation.”

That’s not painful!

You didn’t ask for a favor, you didn’t risk a relationship, and you didn’t sound needy. You are mentioning that you want to be a solutions person for someone who needs what you do.

This simple shift in your mindset from “asking” to “offering” makes all of the difference.
You feel more comfortable, people are informed, and business grows.

Make it a great week!

Niche Team, LLC