Learn How to Celebrate

Monday Mar 30th, 2020

Women often celebrate the accomplishments and milestones of others, but rarely make the time to do the same for themselves.

They give the right gift, perfect card, or touching message for birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, promotions, and many other occasions because we, as women, know how wonderful it makes others feel when we acknowledge them, so why don’t we treat ourselves with the same effort and energy?

Excuses often range from a lack of time, to thinking “it’s no big deal” ...but, in reality, it’s a very big deal.

If we are going to try as hard as we can to be successful in our personal and professional lives, why can’t we celebrate our “wins” along the way?

The reasons for celebration can be big or small; there are no rules.

The point is to mark progress, honor our efforts, show others that self esteem matters, and demonstrate that enjoying achievement is a critical part of the process.

There may be a variety reasons to celebrate, but why take the time to do it?

Here are just a few benefits of celebrating:

  • Avoid burnout
  • Add fun to your life
  • Create momentum for accomplishing a larger goal
  • Model positivity to your team and energize their efforts
  • Jump start the next stage of a process

Whatever the reason, it’s time to pause and look at how far you have come, what you have achieved, and the hard work and discipline that it took to get this far.

This week, identify your achievements and give yourself credit for a job well done so far. Then, select the next milestone, set a deadline, and get going. You have celebrations to enjoy!

Niche Team, LLC