It's Time to Check In

Tuesday Sep 3rd, 2019

Labor Day is a subtle cue that it’s time to get back to our routines.

Life--both in and out of the office--often relaxes during the summer season, and now it’s time to "get back to business.”

Let’s review the things that make our businesses run efficiently and create a productive and happy environment:

  • Your ideal calendar: Your schedule this summer might have had more time for vacations, family activities, and recreation than other times of the year. Meet with your team and be sure to create and maintain your “ideal week” for staff meetings, client meetings, family commitments, and any other known time commitments.
  • Staff meetings: Get them on the calendar, use your agenda, and don’t skip them. I am a proponent of Monday morning staff meetings. It starts the week with clarity, allows for a sharing of goals, and sets the team up for a productive week.
  • Processes: Nothing feels better than knowing that activities in the office are going as planned. Review your processes, and make sure that your team is focused on delivering excellent client experiences.
  • Funnel: Ensure that all team members have a copy of your funnel, update it daily, discuss it at staff meetings, and be sure to keep at least 20 people on this critical list.
  • Marketing calendar: Your fall and early winter events should have dates, venues, invitee lists, and promotion planned. If they don't already, put it on the agenda to discuss at the next staff meeting.

These basic tools are the foundation for successful businesses. Spend some time to get all five tools in shape, and enjoy the benefits of your efforts.

If you aren’t familiar with these tools that are helping businesses increase efficiency and profitability, contact our office for more information. We can help!

Make it a great week!

Niche Team, LLC