Monday May 7th, 2018

Recently, a wonderful friend and colleague asked us to collaborate on research focused on positioning women for success.  He showed me a picture of his daughter holding a sign that said, “The Future is Female.” 

There are no words to describe the pride in his voice.
If you are a female and you read that phrase, your thoughts may range from: “Oh yes it is” to “I hope so” to "It's about time." 

We are all at different stages in our lives, but I can assure you that, regardless of the stage you are in, you have the opportunity to inspire people around you.
Whether you are new to your career or are an experienced veteran, we have all strived to be relevant and create tools to empower and inspire in countless ways: perseverance, achievement, positivity, time spent, mentoring, accountability, acting as a role model, championing a cause, always “showing up,” sending thoughts or cards, or just tapping in because you care.

I’m asking you to be the “poster woman” or "poster man" for inspiration.  Own your efforts and reach out to someone who could benefit from your wisdom.  Help a colleague find his or her way, thank people for their help, and share your story.
Be visible, be present, use your gifts.
Throughout the month of May, we are celebrating women! 
We will be highlighting some phenomenal females on both our Niche and Niche Network Facebook pages.  

My mom, Ida, was--and continues to be--one of my major inspirations. 
She was brilliant academically who was told by her father that women didn’t go to college, so she spent the majority of her life working as an accountant in the automobile industry.  She mentored women and invited those who had no one else into our home.  She served her community and her church.  She told me that there is nothing in this world I couldn’t do.  She inspired everyone around her.

Please take a few moments throughout the month and read their stories.  We hope that they will inspire you!

This week--and every week--be an inspiration. 
You can make the difference in the lives of others.

Niche Team, LLC