Wednesday Jul 5th, 2017

During this time where “independence” is a theme, I decided to take the month of July and work on a few things that will make me feel free from some nagging items that continue to frustrate me on a regular basis.

The things that I am referring to are simply that infamous list of things that we are going to “get to” when we have time.

Well...July is my time, and I am going to feel wonderful when I some of the things on my list accomplished.

I will share some of these “not urgent” but “make life easier” things:
(no judging if you already have mastered this stuff)

  • Learn how to use some of the extra things on a car that I bought in January
  • Finally learn how to better use my Fitbit
  • Do a 5K everyday
  • Improve the organization of my files in my home office

Now, as you can see, this little sample of my much longer list isn’t rocket science. It’s a list of things that, when accomplished, will make life better and easier.

So, I challenge you to make a list of things that have been holding you back, making you feel overwhelmed, or things that you just want to do...and make your month of July truly “independent” for you.

Let’s soar into August!

Niche Team, LLC