If You Don't Like Your Situation, Change It!

Monday Jul 29th, 2019

Do you have a person in your life that consistently complains about things?
The weather, relationships, their weight, their job, the condition of their home...

And, yet, they do absolutely nothing to change the situation that gives them reason to complain. You listen, you listen again, you try to offer advice, perhaps you try to change the conversation, but the complaints do not end.

The next time that this happens, try simply telling them to make a change.

Better yet, if you find that you are doing some of these very things, make a change yourself.

Think about it:
What do you have in your life that consistently makes you feel badly about yourself or your surroundings?
Are you waiting for someone to swoop in and make these changes for you?

The crazy thing is that as soon as you make the change, you reap the rewards.

How is it that these positive outcomes are not enough of an incentive to make us change all of the things that we have the power to address?

Try this exercise:

  • Make a list of all things that hold you back or make you feel less than great about yourself - they can even be really small things.
  • Then, highlight those that you are able to address without too much difficulty and make a specific plan to address the highlighted items, and get to it!
  • No matter their size, by tackling and overcoming that list, the feeling that you will experience will be euphoric.

I hear clients tell me all about hating old furniture, not taking time off, wanting to get in shape, wanting to advance their careers, wanting leadership roles, needing to buy new clothes, or simply wanting a day off to do nothing because they are exhausted.

This week, change your situation for the better. Turn complaints into triumphs, and perpetuate the positive momentum, rather than the negative tones.

Niche Team, LLC