Happy Tax Day!

Monday Apr 15th, 2019

It may seem silly to celebrate a day that officially marks the tax filing deadline for the majority of working Americans.

For some people, this day means a frantic search for forms, receipts, and statements. The impending deadline is a common source of angst and frustration. Will you owe money, or will you receive a refund?

For others, it is simply a day that marks the close of business for the prior year. Everything goes smoothly, the forms are prepared, there are no “surprises,” and life goes on!

If you are in the latter category and this day is simply a part of doing business, congratulations! You have created processes that work and hired specialists to assist you in estimating payments and filing your taxes. All is well because you have surrounded yourself with the right professionals to guide you!

If you are in the first category and you don’t feel prepared and organized, it’s time to make a plan for the upcoming tax season. Establish or refine your systems for detailing essential information throughout the year. Hire an accountant who communicates well and helps guide you to your annual goals.

It is critical to partner with professionals who assist you in building a strong business.

Assemble a team that brings their expertise to the game each time you meet. One that offers advice, one that guides you through processes, and one that leaves you feeling confident. Do this, and 2019 can be your best year ever!

Niche Team, LLC