Embrace Change

Monday Jan 13th, 2020

We know that it is inevitable, but why is it that we fight it if given the chance?

Because it's uncomfortable!
Even if what you're working towards is a more positive outcome, the results are still unknown, and human beings, generally, do not like the unknown.

According to my mom, at the age of six, I clearly stated that I did not like change.

She reminded me of that fact on many occasions as she was cheering me through more challenging times of my life, always noting how change often made life much, much better.

Before Thanksgiving, my daughter, Kait, who was due with her second baby the week of Christmas, came to me with tears in her eyes and said that she was very upset that she was the reason that some of our holiday rituals were going to change for the first time.

I explained to her that the holidays had always been changing - there were different locations, different people on the invitee list, and different phases of life. Kait couldn’t believe that she had never realized it until now, when she and her family were the catalyst for the new Holiday pattern. As it turns out, we had a wonderful Christmas season and spread out the celebrations with anticipation of a new baby boy to love. It was just as my mom had always said: change often makes life much, much better.

When a new year begins, we tend to consider life to be a clean slate - and, thus, have a slightly higher tolerance for change and the unknown than at other times throughout the year.

My guess is that by now, you are most likely in the midst of trying to do things a little differently in your professional and personal lives in order to accomplish the goals that you made for 2020. On a personal level, you may be eating healthier and working more exercise into your routine. In your office, you may have new daily or weekly activities to complete.

Experts say that it takes a month to change a habit and at this point in time, you are hitting the halfway point in the month. If you're finding that to be challenging, or are resisting new patterns, don't take my advice, listen to my mom's words of wisdom: change often makes life much, much better! So, keep pushing yourself through the discomfort until the pattern feels normal -- my guess is that it will be better than ever!

Make it a great week!

Niche Team, LLC