Block the Time ⏰

Monday Jan 27th, 2020

In our work with clients I am constantly explaining the benefits of creating an ideal week and blocking time on the calendar to get things done.

For some people, this is immediately welcomed as a great idea and they dive right in and create their best week - one which includes client appointments, proactive business building, out of office appointments, and more.

For others, the idea of that type of structure feels too confining.

They rebuke my ideas with “what ifs,” such as:

What if there is a client emergency?
What if there is a walk in?
What if a meeting pops up and they have to attend?

Personally, I love filling my calendar with client appointments, staff meetings, and office projects. However, the thing that I have not mastered is blocking time for writing, development, or personal time.

Well, I decided that if I was going to preach it to others, I’d better walk the walk myself.

My calendar is now filled with all kinds of my activities and they are color-coded, thank you very much! At first glance I felt the pressure of being “overbooked,” but as I looked more closely, I realized that I was simply giving myself time.

Instead of being frustrated for not getting things accomplished, I can clearly see where and how I can truly get things done.

This does not mean that you won’t have any flexibility from morning to night, it simply means that you have made yourself a priority by marking the time that you need to get it done.

Heck you can even put a block that says "free time" on the calendar - there are no rules!

This week find more time for work, and for yourself, by blocking the time that you need for all of the things that you like to do!

Niche Team, LLC