Believe That It's Real!

Monday Nov 16th, 2015

Referrals.  We all LOVE them.  Individuals and businesses come to US rather than us having to continually market ourselves to THEM.  More importantly, referrals are the product of another person's positive opinion of us and an affirmation that we are doing high-quality work.
Your job this week is to continue that positive cycle.  I'm asking you to choose to be a Referral Machine every day.  Instead of THINKING that a person or business is good, TELL others that you have benefited from your experience with them.
It's easy: each time a situation arises where you know that someone could benefit from a service, SAY IT.  Name names and give contact information.  Provide a reason as to why they should make the contact.  Make a conscious effort to refer others as many times as you can each day.
Be a connector of all things productive and positive this week.  Help to make the lives of others better and easier by "inserting" people and businesses into their lives.
You will be making this the best week ever, both for you and those around you!
Get started now!

Niche Team, LLC