Anxiety Busters

Monday May 4th, 2020

Life includes stress.

Some days are certainly more stressful, and anxiety filled than others and the accumulation these feelings can do damage both mentally and physically.

We can’t eliminate many of these factors from our lives, so it’s really important for us to find some things that make us feel better!

There is no one best way to get rid of nervousness and anxiety because we all find our Zen in different ways, and sometimes, it all depends on the day.

Do you like:

  • Loud music or soft music?
  • Exercise or snuggling on the couch?
  • Crafting or cleaning?
  • Reading or watching TV?
  • Cooking or ordering take out?

Don't judge how other people beat back the anxiety beast. Instead, think about what makes you feel great - whether it's a constant, or for that day, maybe even that hour. If it helps relieve stress and breathe a little deeper, take note of what it is and repeat it often.

This week, bust your anxiety - everyday.

Niche Team, LLC