Adaptability in the Face of Adversity

Monday Apr 20th, 2020

If you would go back in time, to just over a month ago, life probably looks very different. Some of us are working from home; some are in offices, but visitors are prohibited; and some may be not working at all.

Not only have you had to change your work situation, but now you may have children out of school following online coursework, and / or older parents that you are helping – from afar - all while maintain the new norm that the world has come to refer to as "social distancing."

Talk about change!

In meeting with our clients over the past several weeks, I have been completely overwhelmed by everyone’s ability to adapt. I have spoken with clients who are holding toddlers on their laps, working from card tables at the foot of their beds, those who are in cars as they drop off food to family members. Their ability to stay focused in the moment and project calm is amazing.

If you are tired, you have earned it.

The amount of change that has taken place over the last month would be overwhelming if it had been stretched out over six months or a year, but it wasn't. Seemingly overnight, the world was plunged into a chaos, and with it the markets.

It takes a lot of mental energy to do this kind of transition and make the best of it for those around you. Don’t underestimate the impact all of this has had on your energy, or your mood.

This week, and every week, treat yourself well.

Give yourself credit for making this transition, whether it was smooth, or like ripping off a band aid. Be proud and take good care of yourself, while you are taking care of others.

Niche Team, LLC