Accountability Leads to Success

Monday Jul 24th, 2017

When we set out to accomplish a goal, there is traditionally a great deal of enthusiasm and determination.

As time goes on, it is sometimes difficult to stay on track. Consider the gym during the month of January. Everyone makes a resolution to get in shape, but by February the amount of people working out has decreased.

Well, it’s July, we still have the second half of 2017 to “knock it out of the park!"

If you haven’t accomplished what you have set out to do so far this year, it’s time to get it done.

  1. Make a list of exactly what you want to accomplish. Be as specific as possible
  2. Block out the necessary time to get this project taken care of
  4. Check in with this person on a regularly scheduled basis
  5. Be honest about progress
  6. Be willing to take constructive criticism
  7. Push yourself to finish your list of goals
  8. Celebrate your success together

Who makes a good Accountability Partner? This person must be someone who wants you to succeed, someone who you respect, someone who has similar motivations.

So get moving, create the list, find a partner, and make it all happen!

Niche Team, LLC