2020 Vision

Monday Jan 6th, 2020

I love using this as a theme for this year.

In order to accomplish all of the goals that you set, be sure to also provide yourself with all of the resources and tools available to do so, such as:

  • Business Plan – Regularly re-visit your main goals and objectives and share it with your team.
  • Staff Meeting – The power is in your team - use your agenda, continue to create and report on goals each week in order to mark progress and stay focused.
  • Goal / Score Board – Place a white board in an area that is exclusive to your staff, where you can display weekly, monthly, quarterly, trimester, and annual goals.
  • Ideal Week – Before the end of the year, you created an ideal week for your office - now, be sure that you stick to it. Block times for client appointments, projects, and more.

Always remember to celebrate hitting your milestones.

It's not just about the end goal - you can feel just as accomplished hitting the smaller goals on the way to the larger one. Additionally, by creating smaller milestones and celebrating those, you may find that you make adjustments to the larger ones. Active engagement with your Business Plan and office staff are essential to maintaining positive workflow and achieving all that you set out to for the coming year.

2020 – You can see exactly where you want to go, you have created a plan to get yourself there, now get started.

This is the 1st of 52 weeks of excellence - make it a great one.

Niche Team, LLC